Given the specialized skills required to manage the associated risks, Ngena provides its assistance through specific companies that are either limited by guarantee, or not for profit enterprises, with the specific skills and experience in these highly specialised environments:

Home Finance Guarantors Reinsurance (HFGARe), an A+ rated limited by guarantee company established in Mauritius facilitates access to housing finance for lower and middle income families in Africa. It uses the HLGC’s CRI, with some twists and turns, and reformats to fit each local jurisdiction. Rather than establish an insurer in each country, HFGARe works with local insurers and reinsurers either reinsurers or enters into retrocession arrangements so as to enable access to home ownership, through the introduction and implementation of a Collateral Replacement Indemnity, which is a cover of last resort to lenders that make home loans available to this market segment.

Lenders buy collateral replacement insurance from local insurance companies, which lay off some if not most of the risk to HFGARe. They effectively swap assumed risk for the insurance premium, which in turn provides a platform for affordable, available home ownership finance.

In all of these instances, risk management is key to ensuring sustainable, efficient and effective programmes. HFGARe utilize a purpose specific Guarantee Management System (GMS), a web-based system specifically to manage the CRI in all its facets. Banks and insurers have access to the system at various levels, are comprehensively trained on it, as it is the engine room of the entire programme.


Training on all levels, is an integral part of the implementation of the CRI. Borrower education is sacrosanct, as is the training of trainers to provide the service. The need to ensure that home-buyers are appropriately educated in the rights, duties and obligations of home-ownership is crucial.

These form the cornerstone of successful programmes, and are sacrosanct to all in every jurisdiction.

Ngena will itself make the donations to the various community based organizations that it believes deserving of the funds, and this will be managed by Home Loan Guarantee Company NPC (HLGC), the South African nonprofit that was the founder of the idea, processes and systems. It will also continue to fund HIV testing and treatment, through Housing for HIV NPC, South Africa.

YoManE (pronounced Yo-Money) is a secure payment platform used to ensure that funds are used only for  intended purpose.

The YoManE process is a part of the risk management processes used for incremental, unsecured housing loans, for micro enterprise, agriculture, health and education, and is appropriate for any environment in which an end to end solution for funding is required. It is a payment platform, allowing secure transactions to be made anywhere over any medium.

YoManE, is now part of the Ngena Foundation’s access to finance programme, utilized as risk management tool for appropriate projects.

Given its status, and born of its need to ensure that its funds were only used as specified, Ngena is offering the use of its platform to other organizations and entities that fund, through grant or loan, in the social and development domain, at no cost to the organizations or individuals who receive the funds