Ngena, (in-geh-na) both a Zulu and Xhosa word for Access, facilitates access to life changing financial services. These include finance for the creditworthy to buy their own homes , micro enterprise finance to allow small businesses to develop and grow, the development and provision of affordable housing stock, through construction finance, and bringing banking to lower and middle income people in under resourced communities, where finance for such endeavours is not ordinarily available through the commercial market. Ngena will also fund small projects in areas of need, where the beneficiaries hardly have sufficient resources to maintain their programmes, let alone raise funds.

Ngena uses business practice and technology to bring access to those who do not have it - whether it is access to HIV treatment, access to housing, access to construction finance, or access to banking. We use banking systems, insurance programmes and business practice to enhance the existing, create the necessary, and financially support the eligible.

Ngena believes in, embodies and manages the value chain - access to housing finance requires access to construction finance – without housing stock there are no houses to buy. Access to development finance means access to micro, small and medium enterprise loans, because without the wherewithal to support themselves, people do not have the wherewithal to buy their houses.

Board of directors
Nkululeko Sowazi (Chairman), Michael Berry, Charlene Lea (President)

Arnold and Porter (James Joseph)